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Click on the tumbnails below to go to this series pictures in the online photo archive. The series which titles are marked with (P) are protected with a password because they are reserved for my family, friends or business partners. All pictures are resized to speed up the presentation on the web. When you like to download the original please contact me and I will send you a link.
Wijnaldum 2016-2018 Some samples from my archive which I like myself.
Harlingen Hegewierster Fjild 2018 We were guided through this beautifull area by a guide of Dutch Natuurmonumenten (May 27, 2018).
Koehoal September 2018 Along the Frisian Waddendijk hundreds of thousands of birds forage before the long journey to their wintering area (September 5, 2018). See my blog.
Wijnaldum Oktober 2018 In Wijnaldum a lot of trees have been chopped down. The owls that lived there are looking for new homes. They love trees with lots of branches and leaves so you can hardly see them.
Koehoal November 2018 On my way to make some more pictures of the foraging birds in the Wadden Sea near Koehoal I spotted a flight of strange white geese which landed between the sheep in the grassland. Such a flight was new to me and afterwards it appeared to be a very rare observation in our country. See my blog.
Harlingen November 2019 In autumn, hundreds of thousands of birds are foraging on the Wadden Sea to refuel on their long flight from the polar region to southern Europe and Africa. Nearly a thousand knots settled down at the Harlinger beach last week. See my blog.
Harlingen April 2021 In these Corona months I'm taking a photo class. Every two weeks we have an assignment. In my online archive you will find some of the results of these assignments. The final assignment was to make a photo book. I made a mix of old photos and new ones taken of the same location. You can view the result here: photo book.