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At the left of this page you will find some short descriptions of the events and places where I took photos. In the text there is a link leading to them directly. In case there is a lot to show you can also find them via the Gallery page.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Winter has arrived with snow and ice. Yesterday I walked my dogs along the beach near Harlingen. Thousands of (purple) sandpipers and hunderds of oystercatchers were foraging along the floodline. I spotted also tens of shelducks and black-tailed godwits. Today I took my camera and made a few photos.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Also this year the knots and turnstones stayed in Harlingen for a few days before continuing their journey to warmer countries. See these photos.

Saturday, November 29, 2019

Bird migration. In autumn, millions of birds are foraging on the Wadden Sea to refuel on their long flight from the polar region to southern Europe and Africa. Amongst them nearly a thousand knots settled down at the Harlinger beach last week. The knots remained at a considerable distance when I approached them with my camera. One or two came a bit closer so I could shoot some nice pictures. Also a cousin of the knot (a turnstone) was willing to pose. The knots that pass the Wadden Sea breed in the polar region in Northern Russia and have West Africa as their destination; a tour of approximately 5,000 km. Knots from other polar regions may travel much further south and hibernate in South Africa and South America. These birds travel around 14,000 km to reach their destination. Saturday, November 23 there was a lecture with an excursion from the Fryske Gea about the bird migration along our Wadden Sea. I learned a lot about this subject and during the excursion we were able to enjoy the view of thousands of barnacle geese foraging on the fields between Marrum and Holwerd. See the photos in my gallery. On the photo 'zoekplaatje' you can discover a goose with a peculiar neck among the barnacle geese. I am not an ornithologist, but if someone can tell you more about this than please.

Friday, March 19, 2021

This handsome guy I met in the morning sun when I was on vacation at the Zuidlaarder meer for a few days. See these photos.